Cybercrime Will Cost You Real Money

And yet people will tell me that security is too hard, or too expensive. Until it isn’t. FBI: Cybercrime Victims Lost $3.5 Billion in 2019.

[FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)] says that it has received 4,883,231 complaints since its inception in May 2000, with an average of around 340,000 complaints per year and over 1,200 complaints per day during the last five years.

Phishing heads the list and non-delivery of goods is high on the list.

The most financially costly complaints involved business email compromise, romance or confidence fraud, and spoofing, or mimicking the account of a person or vendor known to the victim to gather personal or financial information.

Don’t trust email, even if it looks like it came from someone you know. Pick up a phone and call. I know right. Actually talking to someone is SOOO 20th Century.

“Criminals are getting so sophisticated,” [Donna Gregory, the chief of IC3] added. “It is getting harder and harder for victims to spot the red flags and tell real from fake.”

“In the same way your bank and online accounts have started to require two-factor authentication — apply that to your life. Verify requests in person or by phone, double-check web and email addresses, and don’t follow the links provided in any messages.”

Trust No One.