Why Aren’t You Using Signal?

Because security is important. Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses | Ars Technica.

Or are you comfortable living in a state like the old East Germany under the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, or the Stazi?

But Deb, they make it so hard to share emojis and security is hard, and I really want a chocolate bar, and to get one all I have to do is turn over my life to Google, or F*c*book, or Apple or the NSA, or – Oh look! a squirrel! </sarcasm>

Marlinspike has always talked about making encrypted communications easy enough for anyone to use. The difference, today, is that Signal is finally reaching that mass audience it was always been intended for—not just the privacy diehards, activists, and cybersecurity nerds that formed its core user base for years—thanks in part to a concerted effort to make the app more accessible and appealing to the mainstream.

So there really is no excuse.

2 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Using Signal?

  1. Signal is best because (so far) they haven’t chosen convenience over security. WhatsApp implemented Signal’s encryption for messages, but because they made the app “easy to use,” they made it easy to lose control of your messages, conversations, etc.

    Accept no substitutes.


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