Do You Think Chinese Communists Would Lie to Us?

I do. Coronavirus Update for February 20, 2020.

“Are China’s coronavirus figure reliable? Wait, are you suggesting that a communist government might lie?

A .gov shading the truth? That would never happen. Ever. I’m sure of it </sarcasm>

250 million people are currently on lock-down in China.

The World Heath Organization is also pressing for censorship.

And crematories are working flat out, and they sent more mobile incinerators to Wuhan.

China deploys 40 mobile incinerators to Wuhan. “According to the reports, the mobile incinerators are able to destroy up to five tons of waste per day – burning a load in as little as two seconds.” Assuming the average Chinese person is 150 pounds, that means that collectively these 40 incinerators can dispose of 2,666 bodies a day.

“Interesting times.”

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