More Political Violence from the Left

Democrats attacking teenagers who disagree with them, because if you dare to disagree with the Left, they will hurt and maybe kill you. Indiana couple drove boys with Trump flags off road: police.

Two teenage boys were riding bicycles with Trump flags attached to fishing poles, when two people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome attacked them with a car.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the boys told officers that a vehicle with a man driving and woman passenger followed them before the male driver pulled up nearby and asked one of the boys “if they were Trump supporters” – to which the boy replied that they were.

The driver then swerved at the boys, forcing them onto roadside grass to avoid being struck, according to the affidavit. The driver followed the boys before exiting the car and tearing off the flag from one of the brother’s bikes, the affidavit states.

Details on the incident that the couple in the car posted to their Snapchat account. Including threats to the boys it they ever see the 2 again.

Hat tip to The Other McCain, who calls this “Democrats engaging in political terrorism.”

2 thoughts on “More Political Violence from the Left

  1. You can bet these Morlocks looked the part they played. The Left is depraved because it embraces violence, for violences sake. They worship evil. They glory in division and turmoil. Ever seen a happy Leftard? Drugged out yes, but truly happy? No, never. They are constantly whinning and complaining. They are joyless. These fools did what they did because they had all the advantages, they never would have attempted to ride these guys off the road if they were on bikes. Brave little Morlocks. Just as Antifa never attacks unless they outnumber their prey 20-1, they always seem to strike the old, the halt, the blind.

    So brave. Also note there are no photos or descriptions of these Morlocks. Any bets these are hippies or druggies of the worst sort?


    • I’m not sure what article you are reading, but if you click thru to the referenced article, the mug shots of the 2 people arrested for attacking these 2 boys is the first thing you find.


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