COVID-19 on an Air Canada Flight

If just one person on that flight got infected… B.C.’s 6th presumptive COVID-19 case flew from Montreal to Vancouver on Feb. 14.

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control says the province’s 6th presumptive case of COVID-19, a woman in her 30s, flew on an Air Canada flight from Montreal to Vancouver on Valentine’s Day, eight days before she tested positive.

She might have caught it at the airport ahead of time. She might have been exposed on the flight. Were there others who got infected on that flight? Who knows?

And the Canadian .gov has jumped the on the “all is well” bandwagon. A letter was sent to school districts because one of her contacts went to several schools.

“There is no public health risks at schools in the region,” said the letter. “There is also no evidence that novel coronavirus is circulating in the community.”

“There is no evidence” is very different from “there is no risk.” And there is some evidence that COVID-19 is in the community. At least one case has been identified. This is not going to end anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 on an Air Canada Flight

  1. A Harvard Epidemiologist has stated that it’s too late to contain the COVID-19 virus and within a year 50 to 70% of humanity will have been exposed to the virus. I suspect he is most likely correct although the exact numbers and time frame could be off a bit. I also suspect there will be a LOT of people who will eventually test positive for exposure who never had any meaningful symptoms. While this virus is not a “nothing burger” I don’t believe it will be the “big one” that will destroy humanity. What this event HAS shown however is that when that “big one” does show up we as a society are NOT READY in the slightest to deal with it effectively.


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