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Jim Treacher at PJMedia starts us off with After Coming Up… Short, Bloomberg Takes His Box and Goes Home (Best headline of the week!)

Mike Bloomberg provided a lot of high-paying jobs to soulless, unprincipled campaign hacks. So that’s not nothing. Unscrupulous drones need to put food on the table too.

The Other McCain – ‘Cognitive Partitioning’: The Real Reason Elizabeth Warren Never Had a Chance

I’m sure everybody is sad about this, and by “everybody,” of course I mean Jessica Valenti.

Ace of Spades HQ – Trump Announces The Government Will Begin Withholding Federal Funds From Sanctuary Cities and States; ICE Teams Up With the Border Patrol to “Flood the Streets” of Sanctuary Cities and Arrest as Many Illegals as Possible.

Would any other Republican have done this?
Answer: No, of course not. And this is why they oppose Trump.

Ninety Miles from Tyranny – Credibility of European Court of Human Rights lies in ruins after judges’ links to Soros revealed

Legal Insurrection – Elizabeth Warren’s Embarrassing Massachusetts Loss Exposes Her Fawning Media Fans In case you’re not paying attention, Warren is Senator from Massachusetts.

Victory Girls – Beto Is Back For Biden And Your Guns

Earth-bound Misfit – Stupid Fucking Idiots; Coronavirus Ed.

Chicks on the Right – Remake Of Cinderella Will Have ‘Genderless’ Fairy Godmother Because ‘Magic Has No Gender’

Watts Up With That – Fact-checking the NY Times’ “Lies”

Pirate’s Cove – Cult Of Climastrology Now Causing 1 In 5 UK Kids To Have Nightmares That whole “It’s for the children” schtick needs a little work.

Again from The Other McCain – Warren Plans to Win Brokered Convention Is there any other way she could win?

Professor David Yamane at Gun Curious – Gun Studies, Peer Review, and Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind. And why aren’t you reading Professor Yamane’s stuff? It’s excellent!

Frontpage – When the Leftist Mob Comes For You They will come for your family, and everything you have. (It’s an important article, which is why I’ve included Frontpage this week.

The Zombie Apocalypse Homestead – A ‘vulture’ circles over Twitter

Again from the Pirate’s Cove – Peak Coronavirus: NY Times Links It To ‘Climate Change’ And Globalism

And again from Gun Curious and Professor Yamane – Who Are The Liberal Gun Owners?

Vlad Tepes – ANTIFA and Trains

Glenda T. Goode – How the left is using ‘POWER’ of a non-violent kind to destroy America

Bruce Charlton’s Notions – The synergies of bureaucracy – where Left ‘fights’ Left to promote totalitarianism

ClashDaily – LMAO: Over 200 Cherokees Have Signed A Letter To Sen. Warren To Address Her Claims Of Being Native American

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