Friday Links

Better late than never? Definitely late.

The Other McCain starts things rolling with A Heart-Warming Story That Every Patriotic American Can Celebrate Maybe there is justice in the universe after all. It seems Michael Avenatti is unhappy with the accommodations at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan.

The Pirate’s Cove – Democrats Attempt To Push Their “For The People Act” To Reclaim Democracy

Claire Wolfe of Living Freedom – Freedom in the time of panic – or – 10 small ways to turn crisis lemons into freedom lemonade

Roberta X – Please Don’t Share Garbage. There is a lot of misinformation about COVID-19 floating around.

The Other McCain – Stop Pretending We Don’t Know Exactly How and Where This Pandemic Started

Adaptive Curmudgeon – The McDonald’s Girl Story Very glad to see that AC is once again writing.

Theo Spark – WuFlu – Get Real……………….from Rico

Back in 1906 Alfred Henry Lewis observed that “there are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy”

Ace of Spades HQ – Not the Babylon Bee: “Baltimore Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can Be Used For Coronavirus Patients”

Moonbattery – Coronavirus Chaos at Middlebury College

Tuition at Middlebury College is over $56,000 per year. That is a lot to pay if it turns out to be primarily a babysitting service for extended adolescents.

The American Conservative – The Rise of Germany’s Vile Far Left The successor to East Germany’s Communist Party is still alive, and still vile. The Elites don’t seem to mind.

EBL – John M. Barry discusses the “Spanish Flu” (the 1918 Influenza) 🤔☣️😷

Fred on Everything – Democracy Inaction “In Action, I Meant to Say — Same Thing”

Small Dead Animals – Woke Pieties Declared

See, they’re just like normal people, only horribly broken.

Again from Pirate’s Cove – Trump Calls Out NY Times For Missing Half A Quote

Again from The Other McCain – Ah, the Glamorous Life of a ‘Writer’!

Candace Owens – #Coronavirus as a social experiment. Sorry in advance in you’re offended.

Again from Ace of Spades HQ – As FBI “Loses Records” on General Flynn, Trump Says He Is “Strongly Considering a Full Pardon” FBI = Funded But Incompetent.

One more time from The Other McCain – Democrat ‘Rising Star’ Update Andrew Gillum had to show up somewhere!

Schneier on Security – TSA Admits Liquid Ban Is Security Theater More hand sanitizer will be allowed.

SiGraybeard – Sunday Hash Coronavirus, more Coronavirus, and a little Space-X.

Sultan Knish – Bernie’s Billionaire: How the Richest Man in Hawaii Funds Bernie’s PR and Opposition Research

View from the Porch – My kind of national emergency! I agree completely!

Again from Roberta X – Still Out There Mingling Unncessarily?

The grandparent you save may be your own — or maybe they’re a doctor, nurse or delivery driver.

Althouse – “There is nothing wrong with Godly principles….” The Left disagrees.

And yet again from Pirate’s Cove – Americans Returning From Overseas Whine About Having To Wait For Coronavirus Screening