Ignore Weight Limits at Your Own Peril

A suspension bridge collapsed on Monday, November 18, 2019, dumping cars into the River Tarn, north of Toulouse, France.

Because politicians the world over can’t be bothered to maintain/upgrade our infrastructure.

Of course if you ignore the limits, that doesn’t mean that other people can’t end up dying as well. Girl, 15, in her mother’s car and a truck driver are killed after suspension bridge collapses in France, sweeping away their vehicles. They pay for your mistakes.

At least one truck and a two cars were seen plunging into the Tarn River below, said eyewitness Eric Bonnin, who owns a restaurant overlooking the bridge, around 20 miles north of Toulouse.

‘I’m in deep shock, it’s horrible to think about it,’ he said. ‘I’d just opened the kitchen door, when I heard a huge noise, like an explosion.

‘I thought a plane had broken the sound barrier. I looked out the window and shouted ‘Oh no, the bridge has broken!’

Local reports indicated that the truck was substantially over the weight limit of the bridge.

When the “authorities” post a limit about what is the maximum, safe vehicle weight that a bridge can hold, they are not trying to make your life difficult; they are trying to save your life. But that doesn’t stop people from ignoring warnings.

The BBC had this to say: France bridge collapse: 50-tonne lorry ‘probably caused accident.

The bridge – 155m long and almost 7m wide – dates back to 1931 and was described by Mr Oget as a “very important crossing point” in the region.

The safe limit on the bridge was about 19 tonnes. So the truck in question was more than 100% above the safe limit. What would you expect under those conditions? And even if he had driven across that bridge before, it clearly was not safe to do so.

Eric Oget, mayor of Mirepoix-sur-Tarn, has suggested warnings about the bridge’s weight restriction – displayed at either side of the crossing – might have been ignored by drivers.

A video of the aftermath can be found at this link.

After the Genoa, Italy bridge collapse, in 2018, France commissioned a survey of bridges. The report called for substantial investments in the infrastructure of France.

“Unfortunately what happened illustrates what we said in the report, which is that the state of our bridges poses a real danger,” Senator Herve Maure, who oversaw the audit, told AFP.

If that happened in America, the driver’s heirs, the company he worked for, and maybe the manufacturer of the truck in question would be sued. Not sure what happened in France after the fact. I can find no information on plans to replace the bridge in question.

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  1. What happens in France as to blame payments? Definitely depends on who you are/were and who you or your survivors know. Some peasant schlub? Hosed. Someone with a title or one of the leadership? Well, it’s France.


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