Enough with the Messages about “This Challenging Time”

Every company I do business with, and few I don’t, have sent me email messages to ensure me that they are taking COVID-19 seriously. Good.

They have all sent pretty much the same message. “We take this situation seriously,” “we are here for you.” Good. Now go away.

And you would think that they would have the same message on their websites, for people not on their mailing lists. Or who have never set up an account, or whatever. Seems like they don’t.

3 thoughts on “Enough with the Messages about “This Challenging Time”

    • I mean I get it when my bank tells me the lobbies are closed, or my cellular provider says that they stores are closed and how to get service. But when a company, located in another state, that I haven’t ordered anything from in 2 years is telling me how to contact them in this time of crisis, I want to scream. (And never do business with them again.)


  1. I get the feeling some management consultant somewhere did a seminar that said “getting out front” with some sort of feel good statement was the proper thing to do. All these things seem like the same wording. I got the first one of those almost two weeks ago (well, it seems – I didn’t write the date down).

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