How Old Do You Have to be to Defend Yourself?

The Left doesn’t want the young to be able to defend themselves. But sometimes that is both necessary and right. Police: 17-year-old shoots, kills armed home invader in Cobb County.

Police said three people with guns tried to break into and rob a home on Olive Springs Road around 9 p.m.

Machavellia Bagsby, 21, was shot and killed by a 17-year-old juvenile who lived at the home. Bagsby died at the scene.

At 17 he is too young to purchase either a handgun or a long gun. But he isn’t too young to use them in legal self-defense.

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3 thoughts on “How Old Do You Have to be to Defend Yourself?

  1. There is no age limit. Is why I taught my boys how to handle their fists and guns at a very young age.


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