Wouldn’t you know it, but as soon as I referenced STUMP in Because a Couple of Media Types Proving They Are Morons Never Gets Old, they go offline due to some website issues. Well They are back…

The reference – in relation to a couple of Media talking heads, proving on network television that they are unable to do middle-school mathematics – was STUMP » Articles » How Not To Be A Dumbass: Media Innumeracy Edition.

The highlight of the post (in my estimation) was revisiting the cluster-f$ck from 2019 when a bunch of folks were mystified by high-school algebra. It was an off-hand comment at the end of the post, and almost beside the point.

Which is from January 2019 and Powerline: The Great Issue of Our Time….

…is whether, as a people, we are too dumb to sustain a democracy. This question arises often; for me, most recently, upon seeing this Daily Mail headline: “Twitter user stuns the internet with math that proves one 18-inch pizza has more in it than TWO 12-inch helpings.”

The theory was posted by U.S.-based Twitter user @fermatslibrary.


Supported by a graphic, the theory proves that one 18 inch pizza is better value than two 12 inch pizzas. Since it was posted, the tweet has received almost 1,500 comments and a total of 60,000 likes. It has also been retweeted 25,000 times, as people try to spread the word.

To spread the word about geometry, in a context that people care about. Pizza.

The Daily Mail (another media organization, no doubt staffed by geniuses) called area = πr2 a theory.

But then they are journalists. They can’t be expected to know math! That won’t stop any of them from lecturing you on a whole host of subjects more complicated than high school geometry, because they are Journalists™. Or something.