You Don’t Have a Right to Health Care – not even under socialized medicine

CNN and others are just shocked, that you can’t make guarantees over things you can’t control. The So-Called Explicit Guarantee To Free Healthcare.

CNN was shocked the Orange Man wouldn’t guarantee that everyone who needs a ventilator, will get a ventilator. Of course, because there is a shortage, no one this side of God could make that guarantee.

But that doesn’t mean the Free Enterprise is a failure. Look at the socialized-medicine countries, and their so-called guarantees.

In Italy, the elderly will be denied intensive care, with respirators denied for those aged sixty or over.

In France, in some areas, anyone over seventy-five will no longer be intubated, with the only help to the eldest involving helping those patients die.

And what about that vaunted paragon of free healthcare that guarantees the bestest of healthcare that the British are sooo lucky to have (for free!!1!)? Doctors will just write off patients that they don’t want to waste money on those who need it most, by restricting ventilators to those that the NHS deems to have a “reasonable certainty” of surviving.

Each of those statements is backed up with links. Multiple links in the case of Italy.

So go take a look if you doubt it. And there is another post on this subject at this link.