Movies You Haven’t Seen: The original The Day The Earth Stood Still

I’m actually not sure how many of you have and have not seen this film. I am NOT talking about the travesty of a remake, that stared Keanu Reeves from 2008, but the original Cold War version from 1951.

I was reminded of this movie a while back when watching Project Blue Book which includes a bit of the ending in the pilot. I didn’t make it thru the pilot, and I would have to work pretty hard (and violate some social-distancing rules) to see it. Unless it is streaming somewhere like Netflix… And I probably won’t resubscribe to any streaming services right now. And yes I know they’re all free for a month.

Anyway, I doubt most of you have seen it, if only because movies from the 1950s tend to move a bit slowly by modern standards. And while there is a “giant” robot (Gort isn’t that big, really) who destroys a few things, there aren’t any wonderful special effects, by today’s standard anyway. (All the reliance on effects is one of the many things that made the 2008 remake so awful.)

Here’s a review. Trailers from that era tend to be nonsense. As a review, it contains spoilers. I think you would still enjoy the film. And it is only about 5 minutes.

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  1. I have it on DVD. Been a while since I watched it (and been a while since I’ve commented here (I still drop by every day thought)). Michael Rennie was one of my favorite actors back in our prime. First time I watched this movie was around 1963. Scared the poop out of me. Bought the DVD out of the bargain bin in Wal-Mart, and nostalgia. Other than the typical Hollyweird left wing slant, a very good flick.

    If you can find it, well worth the time to watch it. And try to place yourself back in that era of MAD, Cuba, and before Vietnam.

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  2. The original was on TV within the last couple of years, since I’ve been off cable and onto streaming, so I watched it for the umpteenth time. A real classic.

    The remake was wretched, like you say.

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  3. Klaatu barada nikto.(Sorry, but someone had to add that….)

    Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffe, Frances Bavier, Billy Gray, pretty much a future “who’s who” of 1950s and 1960s B&W television.

    I’ll concur, it’s a classic and very much worth watching. As a Native Washingtonian I found the “travelogue” scenes filmed as the characters were driving around D.C. fascinating, especially if one saw the movie soon after the 1968 riots that devastated the lower 14th street NW corridor (a little south of where Patricia Neal’s (character Helen Benson) rooming house was located, 14th and Harvard St, IIRC, a little over a mile from where I grew up).

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