So Did The System Know a Hit was Contracted?

What did they know, and what did they do about it? Pregnant Chicago teen was gunned down after $5,000 bounty was placed on her head for testifying in murder trial, prosecutors say.

Davis was recorded on phone calls from Cook County Jail talking about a female witness who testified in his trial, wanting to find out where she is and “discussing how, when he gets a new trial, she can’t be a witness against him,” Murphy said.

Prosecutors did not say when the calls took place or who Davis was calling.

So he was recorded. Did anyone listen to the recordings? Is it standard operating procedure to let criminals plan hits against witnesses?

They have arrested someone for the murder and he is being held. But it doesn’t seem like they did much to protect this witness. Even the defense attorney quoted for the article seems to think that the attack on witnesses will be a problem.

So how does this impact what passes for the Rule of Law in Chicago?