I’m Shocked – Shocked! – To Discover Criminals Don’t Obey the Law

OK, I’m not that shocked. Philadelphia’s Only Surging Industry.

It seems that the media’s ongoing attempts to downplay the rise in crime in Philadelphia is failing.

2020 is the most dangerous year since 2007, with violent crime up 11 percent, and even during the quarantine, crime is rising.

Though the Philadelphia Inquirer has tried to downplay the spike in crime, statistics show that, even as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds, crime has increased overall, despite a slight dip during the city’s first full week of shutdowns. [SNIP]

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, newly transplanted from Portland, announced that her department—in response to the pandemic—will no longer make arrests for all narcotics offenses; thefts from persons, retail, and autos; burglaries, vandalism, and fraud; and prostitution. In addition, she announced a moratorium on bench-warrant arrests.

While I get that there are reasons to not arrest people during a pandemic, the lack of enforcement isn’t going to make the city safer.

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  2. Isn’t it also true tgst the red states have the highest per capita gun ownership AND homicide rates ?


    • The highest homicide rates in the country are found in Baltimore, Maryland. Chicago, Illinois isn’t far behind, but their rate may actually be less than New Orleans. I haven’t looked at New Orleans in a while.

      While I don’t usually quote myself in the comments… Breakdown of Order in Baltimore and Chicago

      That post was written in December of last year, shortly after the FBI published the final edition of the Crime in the US report for 2018. It is most recent official numbers. I used it for the national and state-level data, but since both Baltimore and Chicago are in the middle of crime nightmares, more current data is available. And I’m not sure how things stand right now, but about a decade or so ago, maybe longer, Chicago PD was not sending all of their data to the FBI. They had some BS excuse, which I don’t recall, but that may have been fixed by now.

      The USA as a whole in 2018 had a national “Murder, and non-negligent homicide rate” of 5.0 per 100,000. Crime in the US, 2018 Table 4.

      From the same table:

      Ohio had a rate of 4.8 per 100,000 residents.

      South Dakota had a rate of 1.4 per 100,000 (not sure where they stand today, but about a decade ago they had the HIGHEST rate of Concealed Carry license holders in the nation)

      For the city level numbers, I went to current year, since data for both Chicago and Baltimore are available.

      Chicago has a population of 2,695,598 or 2,705,994 depending on which numbers you use. Via the Wiki.

      Chicago has had 476 homicides in 2019, According to HeyJackass! (The best Chicago statistics available.) Now I know math is hard but that means Chicago has a homicide rate of between 17.6 and 17.65 per 100,000. (And yes, since it isn’t the end of the year, the rates in both Chicago and Baltimore will be understated. It still makes my point.)

      Baltimore has a population of 602,495 or 620,961 (depending on the numbers you use), once again according to the Wiki.

      Baltimore has had 300 murders this year. Once again, doing the math, we find that Baltimore has a murder rate per 100,000 residents of between 48.3 and 49.8. Which is obscene.

      The Baltimore stats are pulled from the CBS affiliate in Baltimore, which has another story on how the mayor of that city doesn’t think he (or other leadership) is responsible in anyway for the breakdown of order. ‘I’m Not Committing The Murders’ | Baltimore Mayor Jack Young Says Leadership Not To Blame As City Approaches 300 Homicides. Which I take it to mean that he has no plan for what to do to fix this mess.

      Copying all the links across would be tedious. If you click the link and read the post, there are links to all the data, including the table referenced in the excerpt above.


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