Florida Man

Another lesson in how being intoxicated can be dangerous to your health. Mug shot released of accused Florida home invader hogtied by homeowner.

So this guy was so intoxicated that he was looking for his girlfriend’s house in Tallahassee, but he was actually in Jacksonville. So of course he tries to break into a home.

First a mother home with her kids reacted to his presence.

Jacquelyn Gonsalez said. “I grabbed my daughter in one hand and my protection in the other.” [For you none-Floridians, that would be a firearm. Z-Deb]

She said it wasn’t the ideal way to spend quarantine, but her ring camera caught the suspect trying to get into the house.

She called 911 and then her husband. The husband got there first.

“So I got a call from my wife, a guy was trying to break into the house,” he said. “Drove around, came across the guy… got him to the ground… didn’t know the best thing to do so decided to tie him up,” Aaron said.

When asked if he hogtied the suspect, Aaron laughed and said, “yes.”

The photo at the link is funny, the video is not so amazing, but I leave that decision to you. It’s a local news story with interviews with the husband and the wife.

A happy ending, no one got shot.

The cops say this guy was a danger to himself and the neighborhood, and it sounds like they think this homeowner did them a favor.

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  1. It’s easy to joke about since nobody got hurt.

    Not just anyone is prepared to hogtie an intruder with virtually no preparation time.

    EveryDay Carry rope? Kudos to both of them!

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