Something I Never Noticed Before

So, given that I am losing my mind in quarantine, I am re-watching every old movie in my collection of movies to hold onto my sanity. (the library is closed, which is my usual source for new – to me – movies.) I was watching Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, (“Even numbered Star Trek movies don’t suck”) and I noticed something I never noticed before.

Pai Mei is the communications officer on the starship USS Saratoga.

For the uninitiated Pai Mei is the Sith Lord of the Kung Fu world. Basically, don’t ever fu*k with this guy. He cannot be beaten. Even a kick in the balls won’t work cos he has none.

According to legend Pai Mei was one of the five elders of Shaolin and also supposedly betrayed the Shaolin Temple leading to it’s burning down by the imperial government. The character has become famous in Kung Fu movies as the unbeatable white eyebrow villain.

If you’ve ever seen Pai Mei, it was likely in the Tarantino film Kill Bill, Vol. 2. (Unless you’re a movie nut like me, and actually know the Shaw Brothers universe!) You can just compare the photos associated with each video… You decide.

Here’s the section of Voyage Home from the Saratoga.

Here’s the introduction of Pai Mei in Kill Bill, Vol. 2.

And even though you think Pai Mei was killed in Kill Bill, I wouldn’t count on it.

It’s actually nice that Pai Mei was played by Gordon Liu in Kill Bill, because a younger Gordon Liu fought against Pai Mei in one of those older movies.

‡ As for my sanity, before we all went into quarantine… Some would say it was questionable. (I did climb into small boats and sail out of sight of land.)

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