Movies You Haven’t Seen: Seven Days In May

There were a number of interesting Cold War movies made, and a lot of drek. I recently highlighted The Day the Earth Stood Still. That is probably one of the best 1950s-era Science Fiction movies, (This is era that gave us Plan 9 from Outer Space, after all) and one of the better Cold War movies.

Seven Days In May is a political thriller based around the possibility of a military coup taking place in the USA. It isn’t perfect, but it has a good cast, and Rod Serling (of The Twilight Zone) wrote the screenplay, and he knew how to keep you on the edge of your seat. Hmmm. A story about removing a sitting President because you don’t like him or his politics. Why did that come to mind?

And the whole film is a reminder that the phrase “It can’t happen here,” is just not true. So here’s the trailer from the 1964 movie. They apparently remade this (sort of) as a TV Movie in 1994 with Forest Whitaker.

3 thoughts on “Movies You Haven’t Seen: Seven Days In May

  1. The movie was far weird in those days but if remade today with an oddly unAmerican president who seems to hate America pledging to disarm America and reduce its armed forces to little more than a police force and trusting to the UN? I doubt you’d have to worry about the military so much as a rising of the populace, especially if this president was elected as Lincoln was with 38% of the vote. Add in the president’s pals, a wholly unappeally group of unlikeable and strangely unAmerican types, the Persian born gay right activist, the oddly feminine ballet dancer male adviser who always urges that any crisis should be used for “political” advantage,and so on. I think you have an interesting discussion on whether the the political system could survive or should survive such a cast of characters.


  2. I first saw this in the early ’70s and several times since.It is a very well done political thriller slightly left of center but a good flick. As a side note it also features what is probably first appearance of the M16 rifle in a motion picture.


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