Liberal Assault on Christianity Comes Up Short

At least in Kentucky. Liberal Mayor: You’re Not Allowed To Attend Drive-In Church Service. Judge: Nope, Gives Mayor Tongue-Lashing.

On Fire Christian Church sued Mayor Greg Fischer and the city on Friday, arguing the mayor’s order banning drive-up service was in violation of their First Amendment rights, particularly since the churchgoers would be practicing safe “social distancing” recommendations.

According to Courier Journal, U.S. District Judge Justin Walker wrote in a temporary restraining order: “On Holy Thursday, an American mayor criminalized the communal celebration of Easter.”

Judge Walker “banned the city from ‘enforcing; attempting to enforce; threatening to enforce; or otherwise requiring compliance with any prohibition on drive-in church services at On Fire,’” the report noted.

And the governor has cops recording the license plates of anyone who DARED to attend Easter Mass. How dare you disregard their authority.

14 thoughts on “Liberal Assault on Christianity Comes Up Short

  1. I agree that criminalizing in person church services, is an act of tyranny. But should any of those parishioners become infected and it’s traced back to last Sunday……back of the line for a ventilator.


      • Not at all. The “reason” for exposing oneself to crowds and especially the virus…..matters not. Rights and Responsibility go hand in hand. Would you look the same at any other social gathering at the present time?


      • Because it couldn’t possibly be that they picked up the virus anywhere else – the supermarket. That is a state approved violation of social distancing. If you insist on following your faith, well then, you forfeit your rights in society. Especially when that faith isn’t approved by the .gov. No, that doesn’t sound like tyranny, or anti-Catholic or anti-Christian bias. Not even a little. /sarcasm


      • Well, that faith IS approved by the government, by virtue of it’s tax status at the very least. But sure, celebrating a holiday with others [instead of merely with family, or virtually] is EXACTLY the same as needing food [/sarc].

        So…you disapprove of social distancing measures, or just when they inconvenience you?


    • McDonald’s workers, weed dispensary employees, and professional wrestlers are all working. Many are not practicing social distancing at all. And ALL nonprofit organizations, even abortionists, share the tax status of churches. Gatherings to worship freely are specifically enshrined by the Constitution. Grow up CI, your take is awful and belongs in a totalitarian dictatorship.


      • You’d have point, if I endorsed those examples being exempt from social distancing. I don’t do special privileges. Gather if you like,just don’t cry foul if you or a loved one get the virus.

        Try intellectual consistency, it’s what adults do.


      • So your position is that it is impossible to attend a religious service and still maintain social distancing.

        While it is possible to do all kinds of other things….



      • No, that’s not my position. Some churches conduct virtuL services, others “drive-in”. Are those acceptable to you.

        I suppose if you had a nearly empty church, one could still practice social distancing inside. Should religious services get special privileges?


      • No. Religious services should not get special treatment. But if you read the article, that all these comments are attached to, you will see that the mayor banned DRIVE-UP RELIGIOUS SERVICES. Where everyone would remain in their own car. Sort of the definition of social distancing.


      • That ban – on religious services where everyone stayed in their own car – was not about social distancing. That ban was an attack on the First Amendment rights of the members of all the congregations in that city.

        “I am the mayor and you will do exactly what I say, and you will not take part in any activity I don’t like, and being a good Democrat, I don’t like Christianity.”


  2. Lets see if anyone says we should ration the health care of a bunch of vigil attendees.


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