Friday Links

The Other McCain with a distinct lack of sympathy. Oh, Feminists Losing Their Jobs? Heh.

Now that all these feminist writers are getting laid off, what will become of their cats?

STUMP – Beating Up on Illinois Dems’ Brazen Bailout Request: YOU GET BANKRUPTCY

The Daley Gator – Gun Review Time A video review of the Taurus G3.

Earl of Taint – Sub Zero Also Indicates Her Level Of Awareness

“Let Them Eat Eisch Cream” Shesh Nanshee

The Authorities are becoming even more worried about homeschooling. Slapping Back at the Eduocracy.

The establishment is being shown to be bad at what they do and to be going about it all wrong.

Romans One – Hospital Refuses to Let Wife Be with Her Husband As He Faces Death

We have become so consumed with saving life that we have forgotten what it means to live it.

The Silicon Graybeard – Patriot’s Day A reference to Samuel Whittemore, probably the toughest old man in the Revolution.

Gun Curious – How Unprecedented Was The Gun Buying Spree of March 2020 – By Trent Steidley

Again from The Other McCain – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Is the ‘Hero of the Fascist Lockdown Lobby’

Captain Capitalism – “The Only Thing They Have in Life is Their Politics” An excerpt from How Not to Become a Millennial.

Do not mock the Millennials. Pity them.

OldAFSarge at Chant du Départ – “Best” Fighter of World War II.

Professor David Yamane’s Gun Culture 2.0 – Paul Howe of CSAT: Collected Posts on Gun Culture 2.0 Blog And the previous 2 or 3 posts from that blog are of a similar nature.

Don Surber – We funded Red China’s world dominance