Media Bias? What Media Bias?

Oh, that media bias. Even a pandemic can’t slow Philly’s gun violence.

The reports make clear that the entrenched issues that have long fueled violence — poverty, drugs, easy access to guns — don’t simply go away when the city shuts down.

I would ask the “journalist” how “easy access to guns” causes crime, when more than 99 percent of guns in the hands of Americans have never been used in a crime. Those of us with guns certainly have easy access, yet I am not a violent person because of it. And there are whole lot more guns in the country than there were in the early 1990s when violent crime was higher than it is now. A few years back, South Dakota had the highest percentage of the population that held concealed carry permits, and yet blood was somehow not running the streets. In fact, South Dakota has a very low rate of murders and violent crime.

But journalism in the 21st Century is not about reporting facts, it about “shaping ideas” to bring about the Socialist Paradise that all those journalist, who apparently never studied East Germany or the Soviet Union, or Venezuela, are just so sure will work this time.

2 thoughts on “Media Bias? What Media Bias?

  1. First it’s guns, then when they’re banned it’s “easy access to knives”. Then easy access to crowbars, then baseball bats. If someone wants what someone else has, he’ll use whatever tool he can get his hands on to ensure he gets it. Taking away guns just hurts those who need them most, the weak and defenseless.

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