Wednesday Link Roundup

Pirate’s Cove starts things off with Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup.

  1. Pacific Pundit discusses Bill De Blasio giving out 500K halal meals for Ramadan
  2. Powerline has the cost of shutdown
  3. The Crawdad Hole says the media has Covfefe-45 virus

MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word… has some items from the news which are Ridiculous …

Hmmm… Watch: E.R. Doctors Urge A Reopening: Lockdown Creating Public Health Crisis, Doctors ‘Pressured’ To Add COVID To Death Reports, Quarantining Healthy ‘Never Seen’ Before

EBL brings us Waco: A Review.

Just like Rush’s advice of watching or rewatching Chernobyl in lieu of the Wuhan Coronapocalypse, the same applies to Waco. Central control can often be disasterous. Definitely watch it (espeially given how the FBI treated Michael Flynn and the Trump Administration). Out of control federal power is tyranny.

Political Hat – News of the Week (April 26th, 2020).

UCLA Law publicly shames professors for politically incorrect comments on COVID, n-word
Asian student group refuses to specify “material harm” professor allegedly caused

Locomotive Breath – Morning Coffee – ‘Virus war’: dance routines, empty beds and layoffs.

Nolte: Joe Biden ‘Expert’ Ezekiel Emanuel Over-Estimated Coronavirus Cases by Whopping 99 Million
Tell me again why we listen to ‘experts?’

Battleswarm Blog – BidenWatch for April 27, 2020.

  • Also asking for Biden to drop out: Rose McGowan.
  • “The More Anger at China, the Worse for Biden.”

Again from EBL – 27 April 2020 White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing.

Instapundit: Media ridiculousness and bias on full display, Andrew McCarthy: Explosive revelations in Flynn case, and Kill ethanol and work on food security instead

Maggie’s Farm – Tuesday morning links.

Study: Historic Drop in U.S. Reading and Math scores Since Common Core ‘Debacle’
New York Progressives Officially Determine That All Wealth Comes From The Tooth Fair
Tyson Foods warns of meat shortages: ‘The food supply is breaking’

Doug Ross – Larwyn’s Linx: Open Letter to Attorney General Bill Barr – “We The People” Already Know.

If you like the pandemic lockdown, you’re going to love the ‘Green New Deal’: Examiner
Chinese Co. Allegedly Spying on U.S. Citizens Donates Police Drones to 22 States: NRO
McCarthy: Pelosi should apologize to country for holding up coronavirus relief money: Exam

Ace of Spades HQ – The Morning Report – 4/28/20.

WaPo Publishes Damning Report on Trump Admin – DNI Ric Grenell Debunks It
Dr. Birx Under Attack by Liberals for Criticizing Media and Praising Trump’s Intellect
Disinfecting the Left-Wing Media

I leave you with Sunday Funnies 04-26-20 from Stately McDaniel Manor and Whoo-Hoo It’s Funday ~ Part One from Woodsterman and Monday Memes … from MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word…