Florida Hasn’t Seen a Resurgence of COVID-19

Democrats were sure that opening the state of Florida would result in DEATH. Hasn’t happened, but there have been other problems. ‘Out-of-Towners’ Blamed for ‘Mayhem’ After Florida City Re-Opens Beach.

First the DEATH predictions.

Democrats demonized DeSantis, with activist Daniel Uhlfelder touring Florida beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper to promote the message that the Republican governor’s decision would kill people.

And like Georgia, those predictions have fallen flat.

The problems in Naples (West Coast of Florida) seems to mostly be caused by folks from the East Coast of Florida, namely Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, because East Coast beaches are still closed. Click thru for descriptions of where Florida has problems with COVID-19, and what are Democratically controlled areas.

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  1. Of course, everyone who is infected by the novel Corona virus Covid-19 is going to die. If they have some other disease that weakens them physically in a way the virus can exploit, they die soon. Others die much later, some as many as 80 years later.


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