Obama’s Pandemic Playbook – What It’s Missing

You would think that it is pure gold, if you listened to Biden & Co. Pollak: The Obama-Biden Pandemic ‘Playbook’ Is Less than Advertised.

In fact, the playbook is less than advertised. Of the 69 pages, only 27 are the actual “playbook.” The first 13 pages are the table of contents, executive summary, and various title pages. The last 29 pages are appendices. And within the 27 pages of the “playbook” section, only 17 deal with an international outbreak of an infectious disease.

Click thru for the first 2 paragraphs of the introduction to that 17-page section. It isn’t the worst example of bureaucratic boilerplate I’ve ever read.

Translated into English, what that means is that the document is a summary of documents that exist elsewhere. All the new playbook does is create a set of color-coded categories to define different stages of a pandemic and the different questions that might be asked at each stage, as well as the different agencies that might be asked to respond.

There’s more, like the open question of whether the Trump Administration actually missed anything from the stupid playbook. (Hat tip to Small Dead Animals.)