Because Keeping Criminals in Jail is Unfair

This might just be a record for least time to re-offend. California man allegedly proceeded to strangle a child just 10 minutes after being released from jail.

He was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and driving the wrong way. He was released from jail the next day.

“Not more than 10 minutes later Orozco forced a female out of her car in the parking lot of Natividad Medical Center. The female refused to give up the keys to her car so Orozco began to strangle the female’s 11 year old child,” the post continued.

According to police, the female then gave up her keys and pulled her child out of the car before Orozco sped off.

Cops caught up with him, and thru him back in jail. No word on if he will again be released under “zero bail.”

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