Michigan Also Killing People In Nursing Homes

The governor must be taking cues from New York. Michigan considers change to controversial nursing home policy.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last week extended her Executive Order that placed coronavirus patients in with COVID-19 negative patients. It expires Wednesday. She’s now considering changing that policy.

Nursing home deaths account for about 30% of all COVID-19 deaths in Michigan.

How do governors have the authority to issue stupid orders, that clearly expose vulnerable populations to a deadly disease? Democrats are geniuses. Just ask them, they will tell you they are.

One thought on “Michigan Also Killing People In Nursing Homes

  1. In Minnesota, a bit more than 80% of the deaths so far have been in the nursing home population. It has been known for a while, but is only just starting to make headlines. Putting recovering COVID-19 patients into nursing homes to free up hospital beds is part of it, but probably isn’t the whole story, since the number of facilities with at least one confirmed positive case is over 170 now.

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