Crime In Chicago Must Be Under Control

Since the Mayor seems to think the best use for cops is to violate the First Amendment. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Defies President Trump — Sends Armed Police Squad to Shut Down Black Baptist Church in Southside Chicago.

And while I applaud the fact that Trump thinks churches and houses of worship are “essential,” I would be more impressed if Mayor Lightfoot, et al would respect the Constitution, and our Liberty.

On Sunday the Chicago mayor defied President Trump and sent an armed police squad to a Black Baptist Church on the Southside of Chicago.

Anti-Christian bias is OK with the media, I guess, because no one from the MSM seems to care. Though if a white politician did this, I think the press would have a field day.

But then we know that Crime in Chicago is NOT under control. So maybe this is supposed to be a distraction from the failed state that is the Windy City.

And why are cops tearing up the Constitution? Because they are mostly thugs, and they are worried about their pensions. (In Chicago, they need to be worried, since the pension funds are broke.) They are happy to break up Jewish services in New York City. They are happy to stop Christians in Chicago. Cops from all over the country were more than happy to tear up the 2nd Amendment after Hurricane Katrina. (All it took was an order from The Sheriff!) Protect the Constitution? Obey Their Authority!

4 thoughts on “Crime In Chicago Must Be Under Control

  1. Years ago, when working for a PD as not-a-cop, the whole PD, from top to bottom, sworn and unsworn, had to attend a lecture on illegal orders and illegal actions.

    The take of it is, even if your superiors order it, if you participate in an illegal order or action, you are just as at fault. And often are actually more culpable because you failed to not resist said illegal order or action.

    So… Where’s the Federal Police swooping in and arresting all involved in this? Where is the Federal takeover of the City of Chicago for gross violations of civil rights?

    When is the Rule of Law actually going to be followed, instead of the Rule of Dictators?

    We saw Mayor De Blasio do this to Hasidic Jews last week, openly storming both a yeshiva and a synagogue, with all the little jackbooted NYPD’s finest meekly following the mayor’s orders. Where is the Police Commissioner, or the Bureau Chiefs or the Unit Commanders or the actual officers standing up and saying ‘No’ and arresting the Mayor?

    When is this going to stop?


  2. Unfortunately, most unfortunately, I fear no stopping this until attacking cops are faced with return fire. “Return” in the sense that citizens will have had enough of their rights being stolen and feel no other recourse than violence. I dearly hope we are not going to reach this point, but there are places where it seems one foot is already over the edge. And I do believe there are more firearms in NYC than the police would like to believe there are.


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