Another County Struggles to Deal with 1990s Tech

A couple of weeks old, but still worth a look. Wright County Receives Grant To Get Closer To Completion Of Next Generation 911.

And by “Next Generation” they mean those newfangled cellular telephones that everyone is using now.

For almost a decade, Minnesota has been in the process of creating an enhanced Next Generation 911 emergency calling system. Catching up with the challenges created with technological advancements that don’t use the traditional means of accessing the 911 system – computers and wireless devices – the need was identified to get past the antiquated landline phone system used to identify callers when the 911 system was created and those advanced technologies didn’t exist

“I’m gonna party like it’s 1999” is running thru my head right now.

Hey, points for trying. You would have gotten more points if you hadn’t waited 30 years to see if this technology was going to catch on.

For those not paying close attention, 2 things happened in 1991. The 2G specification (GSM) was written and released, and Sony introduced the lithium-ion battery. Nokia introduced their 1st cellular/GSM phone in 1992, and Motorola introduced the first cellular phone that was a Flip Phone (the Startac) in 1996.

This is the technology, together with GPS data, that cities and counties are struggling to deal with.

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