Where Would We Be Without Experts?

Go read the whole thing; it isn’t long. But I will highlight the stats, which caught my eye. COVID-19: The ‘Experts’ Are Clueless.

Something really went wrong in New York.

The per-capita death rate in Georgia remains 88% lower than New York’s; Florida’s rate is 93% lower and Texas is 96% lower.

Of course with more than 70,000 people per square mile, and a governor who set things up to kill old people in nursing homes, it’s hard to see how a virus wouldn’t ravage that city. And state.


2 thoughts on “Where Would We Be Without Experts?

  1. Population density is no excuse, considering Taipei and Seoul have managed well. It comes down to sound policies and how quickly they are implemented.
    I can forgive early missteps when no one knew what this was and we only had dodgy data coming out of China and Iran, but now that we’ve seen what works and what does not, disruptive and ineffective policies need to end. I suspect the ruling class are too afraid to admit they made mistakes, even to themselves.

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