The Left Has Become Even More Disconnected from Reality

The media and the Left, but I repeat myself, have lost touch with reality. “They’re so far around the bend, that they can’t see it in the rear-view mirror.” Moonbattery – Riots Complete Liberal Disconnect From Reality.

To witness an even more psychotic schism from reality, watch liberal pols blame the rioters’ mayhem on “white supremacists”:

So all those people with “Black Lives Matter” posters and Antifa gear are secretly white supremacists. Really??!?

But then they turn to their old play book, and blame the Russians.

Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice turns the insanity dial to eleven:

Rice bizarrely suggested in a televised interview Sunday that the Russians could be behind the violent nationwide demonstrations.

Of course they are. There is more. Lies about who was arrested in Minneapolis, even more bizarre twists of reality via the media. And while you’re at it you can look at my previous most on the subject.