Darwin Awards and Rioters

Thinking has been eliminated from our society. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

The linked post deals with the James Scurlock shooing in Nebraska. I already have a post scheduled for tomorrow morning on the Scurlock shooting, which will cover the details. But let’s talk about the media spin courtesy of R.S. McCain.

Now we have the tale of a young “social justice” activist in Omaha, Nebraska, who chose poorly:

The quotes from the protestors are fascinating. Click thru.

There are also…

First, there was the rioter in St. Louis who decided he could win a contest against a FedEx truck, and lost. This morning, we had the story of the young Philadephians who decided that robbing a gun store was a good idea, to their eternal regret.

Insanity. (That FedEx truck was a semi-tractor pulling 2 trailers.)