Don’t Bring a Length of Chain to Gunfight

Things won’t end well. Briggs’ death ruled self-defense, murder charge dropped.

He was threatening people in a hotel room. He had a length of chain draped over his shoulders. When he didn’t leave as he was asked to do, one of the occupants drew a handgun.

Briggs, upon seeing Ketcham holding the gun, removed the chain from his neck and swung it at Ketcham. As Briggs swung the chain at Ketcham, Ketcham raised the handgun and fired one shot, striking Briggs in the upper torso.

He did not survive.

While Wyoming law provides for immunity for an individual who exercised reasonable force in self-defense, it is only available under certain, narrow, factual circumstances. Police indicated in their release that after a through investigation, and in collaboration with the DA’s office, they determined self-defense applied in this case.

Self-defense is a human-right.