Chicago’s Mayor Doing Everything She Can to Piss Off the Cops

It’s a gift she has. All these stories are from Second City Cop, where Mayor Lightfoot is no-so-affectionately known as Groot.

First up The Return of Steve.

The Department tacitly admitted that Brownie has fucked up the entire riot response and reached back in time and tapped Steve Georgas to fix the entire broken situation. To be fair, it’s not all Brownies fault, but the fault of the political system putting incompetent morons in charge and chasing out anyone with actual experience. And of course, Groot calling the shots when she can’t even be a moderately successful federal prosecutor.

Then, while Groot tells the cops there is no money for a contract, she has money for a lot of other things. More Magic Money. This time it is a magically sourced 10 million bucks for the looted businesses, of which there have been a lot during the riots.

Oh yeah, and in the midst of the bloodiest May in decades, remind everyone that it’s the police that need reform, and not the “community” that has racked up tens of THOUSANDS of murders of their own since the 1970’s.

We’ll just remind everyone that of the 1,208 shootings in the City of Chicago this year, the CPD is responsible for exactly five of them:

that’s four-tenths-of-one-percent

One thought on “Chicago’s Mayor Doing Everything She Can to Piss Off the Cops

  1. When Second City Cop talks about “the political promotions…” A few years back, or more than a few, Chicago PD implemented “Merit Promotions.” To promote people who “deserved it” without respect for time in job or test scores.

    The result was that the kiss-ass, political friends of everyone advanced. “They deserve it” was a euphemism for “they have friends in high places.”

    Second City Cop is NOT a fan of Merit promotions.


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