21-year-old Stabbed Trying to Stop Looting

A black man was stabbed trying to stop looting. George Floyd? Who’s that? 21-year-old describes being stabbed while trying to stop looting in Naperville. ‘I really don’t like where this world is going to. It’s going to a dark, evil place.’

Insanity is spreading like a virus, and will do more damage.

Naperville, Illinois is a relatively prosperous suburb of Chicago. (It isn’t Glencoe.) It would take you more than an hour to commute downtown during rush-hour if you tried to drive, though I believe there is a train station for one of the commuter lines. When I visit family, we would sometimes go to Naperville, as there are (or were before the insanity struck) a fair number of fancy restaurants and trendy eateries. Between the lockdown and the looting, I doubt many will survive.

Peaceful protests Monday afternoon and evening in the central business district turned violent after the sun went down. People broke storefront windows, looted shops, and threw water bottles and at least one firework at police.

[Jai] Taylor said he walked through the downtown, observing the vandalism. In the street near the Apple store, he said a man in his 20s was hassling and urging a teenager to vandalize businesses.

Angered by what he saw, Taylor said he went up and pushed the man. “You’re supposed to be setting an example because you’re older,” Taylor said he told the man.

That’s when he got stabbed.

So how does this honor the memory of anyone? What does this accomplish?

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