Friday Links

Professor David Yamane of Gun Curious has a guest post, “My Student Jim” – Mark Joslyn on Emotions, Polarization, and Gun Politics.

Meep covers another state wanting you to fix their problems. States Under Fiscal Pressure: New York and New York City. New York wants you to pay for their mistakes.

As much as I dislike Cuomo, he has a far better grasp of finance than de Blasio does. Of course, my kids have a better grasp of finance than de Blasio.

Bloviating Zeppelin – “A single death is a tragedy. . .”. Or why Governor Cuomo has blood on his hands.

Slow Facts – Teaching New Gun Owners to Cheat and Survive. Cheat you say? “If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” Steinbeck

The secret ingredient in Granny’s self-defense is that she cheats. She didn’t fight fair. Neither should you.

19th Ward Chicago – The Golden Goose is DOA: Convention planners hope to see an industry rebound, which absolutely will not ever occur again. McCormick place, in Chicago is the largest convention center in the US.

SiGraybeard – A Lot of Sanity in 15 Minutes. On the riots, defunding the police, and other things.

90 Miles from Tyranny – Instagram Censors FBI Crime Stats Graph As ‘Hate Speech’. Instagram is owned by F*c*book.

Red State – Public Health Experts Seem to Have Targeted the Constitution as a Public Health Crisis.

Flopping Aces – Get out while you can. Snake Plisken advises you to Escape from Minneapolis.

Real Climate Science – Experts Say …. 1988 predictions of the END for the Maldives, together with webcam still from the resorts that are there today, and a link to the live webcam.

Moonbattery – Health Officials: Okay to Riot but Not to Protest Lockdowns.

The Daley Gator – In Leftist Land the Stupid Never Stops.

The Other McCain – A 21st-Century Mrs. Jellyby. Extra points if you get the literary reference…

Are you part of the “vanishingly small number” familiar with the “academic meaning” of this phrase? No, you’re a stupid Republican voter, so you need a Harvard Law alumnus to explain it to you.

Borepatch – The Tomb of the Unknowns. A history lesson; you might learn something.

Again from Borepatch – The covenant of civilization. Should have been in last week’s post, but it is important enough…

Once again from The Other McCain – The Church of ‘Social Justice’

Geller Report – Terror-Linked CAIR Sues Arizona Community College for Teaching the Truth about Islam and Terrorism.

American Thinker – Just Like That, Gun Control Support and COVID-19 Died This Week.

Stately McDaniel Manor – Deadly Force: But He Was Unarmed!

Again from SiGraybeard – Tiananmen Square – The End of Limited Freedoms in China.

Don Surber – Biden happens when you trust the media.

Again from American Thinker – Intellectuals versus Common Sense.

Blazing Cat Fur – Feminist Trudeau Government Gave 64 Million Dollars To Woman Whipping Indonesia.

Moonbattery again – Confirmed: Minneapolis Will Abolish Police. What could go wrong?

Wirecutter – My wife Lisa…

…said her final goodbyes to her oldest son Thursday afternoon.

The Federalist – I’m The Rapid Response Social Worker Who Replaced The Police.

It’s not an easy job. In fact, it’s impossible, but it’s for social justice!