Free Speech? Not if the Left Has Anything to Say

A systematic campaign of cyberstalking was undertaken by a team of eBay executives. Now ex-eBay-executives. Former eBay Employees Sent Cockroaches, Bloody Pig Mask to Mass. Couple In Harassment Campaign.

Their crime? They DARED to criticize eBay in a newsletter.

In a news conference, U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said Monday the former employees sent menacing packages to the couple’s home — including a bloody pig mask — to deter them from writing critically about the San Jose, California-based company.

Lelling said eBay executives were “enraged” by the coverage of the company on the couple’s website. One allegedly said he wanted to “crush this lady,” referring to the woman in the couple that ran the site.

Because the Left is convinced that you don’t have the right to say things that they disagree with, and they have the right to do anything they want to stop you from speaking your mind.

The employees allegedly involved in the scheme were James Baugh, eBay’s former Senior Director of Safety and Security; Stephanie Popp, a senior manager of global intelligence; Stephanie Stockwell, an intelligence analyst; Veronica Zea, a contractor; Brian Gilbert, a senior manager of special operations; and David Harville, former director of global resiliency.

All have been fired by eBay.

All six are being charged with conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with an investigation.

“Free speech? We can’t have that! Especially if they are going to criticize US!” </sarcasm>

3 thoughts on “Free Speech? Not if the Left Has Anything to Say

  1. Free speech in this case is in the civil domain not federal.
    Neither parties speech was restricted by any federal, state
    or local authority as provided by the constitution.

    Speech never included the following…
    Boxes of live roaches, and other insects,
    Box bloody pig mask,
    and a lots of other nasty things…
    Then they came across the country to stalk the people.

    By doing so they crossed many lines where state and federal
    laws are presumed broken and also opened themselves and
    those they claim to represent to civil proceedings.

    Crimes are fraud, extortion, criminal trespass, harassment,
    stalking (both cyber and actual). Assault begins when you
    violate the safety and security of a person. Like sending a
    book on “Grief on the loss of a spouse”. Trying to put a
    tracker on the targets couples car in their garage. A systemically
    trying to play white Knight while doing the deeds.

    It was not the lefty or righty thing it was specific group of people
    under the guise of acting for a business committing criminal acts
    against someone being critical of business practices.

    Being it was in the next town over the news coverage gave very
    good detail.



    • 1. Do you think a bunch of executives a Tech Company are Republicans or Democrats?

      2. It falls under the general heading “You will not say (or think) anything The Left does not approve of” Politics. Economics. Religion. Sports teams. Whatever.


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