A SWATing That The Cops Should Have Stopped

Definitely cops behaving stupidly. Sarasota couple terrified by police during ‘swatting’ incident.

While the 22 officers were enroute to the call the dispatcher TOLD THEM it was a possible SWATing. But that is not enough to stop a SWAT team. (It has probably been weeks, in Sarasota, since they got to conduct a full-on night-time raid. Do you think they were going to give up that opportunity? Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t start the festivities with a flash-bang grenade or two.

No one from the Sarasota Police Department was willing to discuss this case.

According to an incident report the agency provided, 22 officers responded to the call, which was originally dispatched as a shooting.

“While enroute to the call, dispatch advised that the subject had his daughter and wife tied up and was threatening to harm himself,” one officer wrote in his report. “It was further advised by dispatch that the call was a possible ‘Swatting’ attempt.[My Empahsis: Z-Deb]

So after they point guns, cuff the couple and search the house, and find nothing, the cops don’t even say “sorry.” Because they aren’t sorry; probably the most fun SWAT in Sarasota has had in a month.

3 thoughts on “A SWATing That The Cops Should Have Stopped

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    • This is actually a fairly non-event SWATing. There was a notable one in Atlanta a number of years ago where they opened the festivities with a flash-bang grenade into a nursery. The child was injured.

      On a typical SWAT call, they break stuff. Set the house on fire with CS and flash bangs. They famously suffocated a guy by not letting him escape his own house, which the cops set on fire. That wasn’t a SWATing, but they found NOTHING listed on the warrant. Guess how many people were held accountable for anything…


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