Chicago’s Mayor is “Outraged”

Too bad she isn’t competent. 1-year-old dead, mother wounded in Englewood shooting .

As she did last Saturday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot expressed outrage at the shooting, as well as another hours earlier Saturday when a 17-year-old was killed in Humboldt Park.

“The pain of losing a child never goes away. Today, we lost more young people to the gun violence epidemic: a 17-year-old in Humboldt Park and a 1-year-old in Englewood. As a mother, I am tired of the funerals. I am tired of burying our children,” Lightfoot said on Twitter.

And another child is killed, about 5 blocks from where the Mayor lives. 10-year-old girl killed after bullet goes through Logan Square apartment window.

A 10-year-old girl was killed Saturday night in Logan Square after she was struck in the head by a stray bullet that came through a second-floor apartment window, according to Chicago police.

The girl and her 8-year-old cousin were sitting in the front room of an apartment in the 3500 block of West Dickens Avenue when a man fired multiple shots in the alley across the street, police said, citing preliminary information.

So what will she do besides express “outrage?” Is there a plan? She hired a new Superintendent of Police, but I don’t think Brown will last, since he doesn’t share the Liberal ethos on “guns are the root of all crime.” Crime is bad in Chicago, and getting much worse.

The final weekend tally in Chicago stood at 18 killed, and 48 wounded, and given that the Pride festival was officially canceled, it isn’t going to be a good summer. (The Pride festival was declared a “protest” and went on as per usual.)

3 thoughts on “Chicago’s Mayor is “Outraged”

  1. Toni Preckwinkle – head of the Cook County Board of Supervisors – is “heartbroken”

    She also has no plan.


  2. Until the thugs are locked up for a few decades, there will be no reduction of violence in Chiraq. Remove all judges that have consistently released criminals and replace them with some that lock up evildoers for the maximum allowable sentences, and if convicted of multiple crimes, have the sentences run consecutively.


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