Two Cops That Need Reform

Do you have any faith in the “reformative nature” of the penal system? Corrupt Chicago police sergeant sentenced to more than 7 years in federal prison for falsifying search warrants, stealing drugs.

[Chicago Police Sgt. Xavier] Elizondo and his former partner, Officer David Salgado, were each found guilty by a jury last year of conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges. Elizondo was also convicted on one count of attempting to destroy evidence, while Salgado was also found guilty of one count of lying to the FBI.

Their two-week trial in October laid bare the shady world of anonymous Chicago police informants who were paid by Elizondo and Salgado to lie on search warrant affidavits presented before Cook County judges.

Hat tip to Second City Cop, who notes Elizondo was a Chicago PD “Merit” promotion. Because only promoting based on test scores/time in grade is unfair or something. Second City Cop: Seven Years Plus

And once again, a “merit” promotion. Is it about time to see who these imprisoned “merit” picks were kicking upstairs to when they got their promotions? Because “merit” promotions are jailed at a far higher rate than their counterparts and it’s almost like they’re picked solely for their ability to be corrupt.