Irony and Karma

Irony as comedy may be illegal, but reality didn’t get that memo. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

Summer Taylor, a 24-year-old, died after she was hit by a car on I-5 in Seattle. She was part of a “protest” blocking the highway. Diaz Love, 32 was also struck and has serious injuries.

So . . . white women blocking a freeway to protest on behalf of #BlackLivesMatter were hit by a black man driving a white Jaguar.

Karma is not only a bitch, she also has a well-developed sense of irony.

One thought on “Irony and Karma

  1. That mayor’s “summer of love” didn’t work out too well for Ms. Summer nor Ms. Love. Maybe their mothers should have warned them about playing in traffic.

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