The Rules

Another band I found via the generated playlists from either Spotify or Pandora… The band is Elysion, which is listed in a couple of places as Gothic Metal, but this song is neither dark, and while the lyrics are a little brooding, not enough for me to call them Goth.

Their F*c*book page lists them as Alternative Metal. Something in the music sounds like good old-fashion Rock and Roll to me. Anyway, as I write this, I have not listened to a lot of their music, but there are a number of songs I do like. Lyrics can be found at this link

This is “The Rules” by Elysion, from their 2009 album Silent Scr3am. (And no, that is no a typo. It is leet, sort of.)

They’re a Greek Band, with a name not quite stolen from Greek Mythology; it is just an unusual spelling in English. But don’t worry, they sing in English, because they know how much you hate foreign languages. The band consists of Christianna – Vocals, Johnny Zero – Guitars, FxF – Bass, Laitsman – Drums, Nid – Guitars. And no, I have no clue about the names…