A Restraining Order Is Just a Piece of Paper

It may be an important piece of paper, but it is not a guarantee of safety. Alabama detective killed by ex-boyfriend who violated protective order, authorities say.

A female detective in Alabama died early Monday morning in what authorities are saying was a domestic disturbance involving her ex-boyfriend, from whom she had previously sought protection.

So if a court order of protection fails to protect a cop, why do you think it will save you?

Now they are important because having the legal system on your side can do some good, but if you need a restraining order, you also need a plan for your personal safety. The cops will not be your bodyguards. While the cops might arrest the subject of the restraining order, they might not, and the courts may not hold him for any length of time anyway.

Having a plan is, of course, no guarantee. “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.” Still, having a plan will tip the odds a bit in your favor.


2 thoughts on “A Restraining Order Is Just a Piece of Paper

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  2. Too often used to gain an advantage in family court, Karens have made a protective order, quite literally, white female privilege.

    The police won’t respond when a woman violates a protective order, if her husband can even one in the first place.


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