The Tolerant Left – Not So Tolerant

Not if you dare to disagree. UTSA investigates alleged violent threats made by former teaching assistant toward woman on Twitter. (University of Texas at San Antonio)

The UTSA police department is investigating an incident of alleged violent threats made on social media toward a woman by a now former teaching assistant.

Twitter user Ashley StClair contacted UTSA’s Twitter account Tuesday evening to alert the university of the physical and vulgar threats she claimed to receive. She posted the following.

“Hey @UTSA, One of your students/teaching assistants threatened to come to my house, kill, and rape me because of my politics.”

Say it again. “now former teaching assistant.”

Do I have to say she’s conservative and the “now former teaching assistant,” who shall remain nameless, apparently, took offense at something she posted on Twitter.

So where is all the tolerance? Where are the peace and love? That was the Left in the 1960s, but not today. Today it is “Agree with us or we will kill you.” (Hat tip to 90 Miles From Tyranny.)

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