How Did They Rank This List?

Because it seems some rankings are off to me. Texas doctors rank activities posing greatest risks for contracting coronavirus.

The Texas Medical Association ranked 37 activities on a scale of 1-10

“Walking in a busy downtown” is given a low-to-moderate risk score of 4. Really??! Given the way COVID-19 tore thru New York City, I would say that walking thru that “busy downtown” was something far north of 4. But hey, I’m not a Democrat.

And of course on of the High Risk activities, is “attending a religious service” while “flying by airplane – in a tightly enclosed space with recirculated air is only a moderately high risk activity. Now which are Democrats almost guaranteed not to do?

And I know there are various kinds of camping, but how does being out in the wilderness have any score above 0?

But these are doctors! There’s no politics in medicine! Or something.