Floridians Are Almost As Heavily Armed as Texans

Hand CuffsThe bad guys haven’t gotten that memo. Florida homeowner shoots and kills two ‘extremely violent’ burglars and injures another after they broke into his house during the night.

There are other media outlets covering this story, but I just love the way the British press seesaws between horror and admiration anytime a US citizen makes use of their Second Amendment Rights.

Jeremiah Trammel, 19, was shot after his accomplices, Luis Casado, 21, and Khyle Durham, 21, had already been shot dead during the alleged break-in.

The person who shot the two men was the homeowner who was using a gun to defend himself in Wesley Chapel, near Tampa.

And most of the media outlets continue to emphasize that the 19-year-old is a “teenager” as opposed to emphasizing the fact that he is a legal adult. They do admit he’s being charged with home invasion and felony murder. Two people died as a result of a crime he was committing.

As for the 19-year-old, and the way Floridians are armed…

According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, Trammel was then able to make a quick escape from the home after the homeowner’s gun suddenly jammed allowing for a pause in the shooting.

Trammel was caught by a next door neighbor who also had a gun and held him on the spot until the police arrived.

Oh yeah, and the moral of the story is, “Don’t post pictures of your gun collection on social media.”

The sheriff believes that the owner may have been targeted because he had recently posted pictures of a large gun collection he owned on social media.

Though it turns out the homeowner, who the sheriff correctly notes was the victim in this incident, was known to the three would-be bad-guys.

‘The victim in this case was exercising his Second Amendment right to protect himself in his home,’ Nocco said.

That the victim is the guy holding the gun, standing over 2 dead bodies rarely fails to send the European media into convulsions, though The Daily Mail only notes it in passing with this incident.

Self-defense is a human-right, and in Florida, it is mostly your legal right. Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0.