One Neighborhood Leader Planning to Sue Minneapolis Over Defunding The Police

Amid calls to defund the police, there is some sanity. Well and calls for more government, or at least “different” government. ‘Enough is enough’: As gun violence rises in north Minneapolis, neighbors wage a lonely fight.

Minneapolis is falling apart. Calls to 911 regarding gunshots are double what they were last year. And some residents aren’t going to sit around while the city council votes to do away with police.

Feeling under siege from the shootings, Cathy Spann proposed a drastic idea to a group gathered Tuesday in a backyard to discuss the crime at an emergency meeting of the Jordan Area Community Council. They had invited several cops, including Nimlos.

Spann, the council’s executive director, said she was talking to lawyers about suing the city for trying to disband the Police Department without ensuring public safety in violation of her civil and human rights.

Of course the cops have no duty to protect you. People refuse to believe that.

The interviews are with Spann, and “peace activists” and there is much talk of trying to get “the community” to do better. But I don’t see any plans that reach to the core of the problem.

She urged residents to tell their neighbors enough was enough with the gunshots.

“Enough is enough!”

“Turn to your neighbors!”

Yeah, that will work. Tell the people doing all the drive-by shooting to “Just Say No.” Or something equally ineffective. That strategy worked so well for the War on (Some) Drugs™.

So what is “the community” everyone speaks of? The way I remember “community” is that it used to denote families, and houses of worship. Families are such a 1950’s idea. Church or Synagogue? This is the 21st Century in Minneapolis.