You Say “Mistaken,” I Say “Lying SOB”

Or, as I quote below… “Is this the zenith of fake news?” But then I’m incredibly cynical.

So the Mainstream Media is either ignoring this, or putting a positive spin on it. Mostly it seems they are ignoring it. After Severe Illness, NBC’s Dr. Joseph Fair Tests Negative for COVID-19 Antibodies.

So Joseph Fair has been a frequent “guest” on MSNBC giving interviews from his hospital bed talking about how awful COVID-19 is. Except his “suspected” case of the Kung Flu turns out to be just the regular flu, or something else.

Doctors assumed Dr. Joseph Fair had the coronavirus when he was severely sick in May. But with a negative antibody test, his illness “remains an undiagnosed mystery”

Mystery? Right. Other people aren’t so blinded to Dr. Fair’s position. ‘Anti-science saga’? NBC contributor who documented harrowing battle with Covid-19 NEVER had the virus.

I don’t usually quote RT, because I usually find it only slightly more reliable than the old Soviet-era Pravda. But like I said, most of the media is ignoring the lies told by MSNBC and its expert.

The dramatic televised saga of a doctor’s struggle to overcome coronavirus has ended in embarrassment after the NBC News contributor quietly admitted that there’s no evidence he ever had the virus. Is this the zenith of fake news?

Info Wars is even less kind. Fear Mongering: MSNBC/NBC Contributor Lied About Having COVID.

So if he didn’t have COVID-19, does that mean we should reexamine our relationship to the good-old-fashioned-flu? Or what? He was in the hospital after all, so I guess we can believe that he was sick with something. Maybe.