Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Especially when the cop you are facing is an expert with her weapon. She was known as a ‘top shot.’ Now an L.A. cop is at the center of a deadly shooting.

LA Officer Toni McBride is expert shot. The idiot she faced had a knife and ignored the “drop the knife” command (issued 3 times) before she shot him.

In the middle of a scruffy street south of downtown on April 22, she faced off with a man holding a razor box cutter. She fired six shots from her Glock 17, hitting Daniel Hernandez with every round and killing the 38-year-old carpet installer and father of a teenage daughter.

As The Other McCain notes… he gets the Hat Tip…

Because this is 2020, of course, everybody in L.A. is trying to turn this into an excuse for a protest. “Stupid Lives Matter,” or whatever.

And of course she is being sued because reasons.

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