Black Guns Matter Has the Media Clutching Pearls

Because GUNS! Or something. Black Guns Matter Group Is Teaching Black Americans How To Use Firearms.

This story, either word for word, or with slight alterations, has been in my news feeds for about a week. Maybe less. I was studiously ignoring it, because it seems like a non-story to me. “Law-abiding citizens obey the law! More at 11” This is news? But the media has convinced me. They wouldn’t be spending this much time on it except for the cognitive dissonance they are experiencing.

[Black Guns Matter Founder, Maj] Toure said he started the Black Guns Matter in 2016 to help Black Americans navigate gun ownership laws and protect themselves.

“We saw so much ignorance going on,” Toure said. “Guys that lived in rough neighborhoods may have been missing some information in order to carry a firearm on their person. So what we in essence did was we created the space to let people know what was their process and what process it was of getting a firearm, lawfully carrying it on their person if they chose to, while being safe and responsible.”

Now who could NOT be in favor of law-abiding citizens following the law, and learning how to be safe? I think the Left, who can’t quite come out and say that they hate this, hates this. The only people who are disturbed at the thought of law-abiding African-Americans exercising their rights under the 2nd Amendment racists. And just like all the Karens who’ve been called out for the racism, the Left is being forced to look at some of their own assumptions in light of reality.

5 thoughts on “Black Guns Matter Has the Media Clutching Pearls

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  2. So black lives must matter separately from all others’ lives matter… and black gun rights must be separate from all others’ gun rights matter? I don’t understand the logic. Oh, I understand the political and SJW logic, but I don’t understand THE logic.


    • I don’t think that is what he is saying, but read it how you like. You won’t listen to anything I have to say, that much is clear.


      • Actually, I have agreed with quite a bit of what you have offered in the past. But if you equate disagreement with not listening, and referring to “everything,” well, that is both interesting and unfortunate, in my opinion. Don’t bother to block me; I won’t comment further.


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