Visions of Atlantis is a group I only stumbled upon recently. Austrian. Symphonic Metal. (Don’t worry, they sing in English) Some would say that they have been around since 1995, though they changed the name of the band in 2000, but they have had a large number of personnel changes years. Well, I won’t fight about it.

The biggest personnel change came when Nicole Bogner left the band in 2005. She later passed away after a long battle with a severe disease. (Privacy is a thing in Europe.) Several places list this version of the song as being dedicated to Bogner, and there is a note on the subject in the video itself. Still, Clémentine Delauney, the new soprano, has a beautiful voice.

There are some screaming guitars, though maybe not enough for Monday, but since I make the rules… And it is a beautiful song.

This song is “Winternight” by Visions of Atlantis from their 2016 EP Old Routes – New Waters. It was originally on the 2004 album Castaway.